Buying a Honda Track Bike – Looking at Track Bikes For Sale?

Track Bikes For Sale - Honda track Bikes  Looking for Track Bikes For sale ? If you are looking for a good solid reliable race or track bike in the UK then you should really consider a  Honda. While in recent years i’ve always raced Suzuki’s or Ducati’s (and KTM’s for supermoto) I’ve used several Honda’s as my Trackday  bike.


They have ranged from the sublime 1993 fireblade that I bought for £900 in 2000 and commuted on for 2 years then used on track days for another year,  To the ridiculous a 1998 VTR1000 wobbled like a jelly on a trampoline until i added fireblade forks. I between i had a sweet little NC 30 that i used at tracks like Lydden Hill and 3 sisters.


Hondas are generally bullet proof and take a lot of abuse before they fail. If they do happen to fail then parts are readily available. you’ll also never find a shortage of Honda track Bikes for sale due to their popularity.

One of the Honda’s that are often overlooked are the steel framed CBR 600’s also known lovingly as steelies. These can be bough up cheaply  and if you suddenly find yourself passing lots of people and decide to go racing then there is a championship for them.


When buying Bikes for track days i always looks at a number of things.


Cost: it has to be cheap, there is no point in buying a bike that less than a year old if it’s just for track days  so i tend to look for bikes that are past their Race by date 6-8 year old race bikes can be great bargains.


Maintenance. Will i need to rebuild it after a few track days . I used to only rebuild my race bikes every 6-8 races so for a track bikes i’d look for something that needs a refresh every 10 -12 Trackdays (I always change the oil after every race meeting or 2 track days)


Availability of Spares: there is no point in buying a bike that wasn’t sold in large numbers. The more bikes sold the more spares available


Handling. I love to be able to go around the outside of Johnny Flash Git on his new R1 on my 10 year old bike. the only way I’ll be able to do this is to be able to outride him in the corners as he’ll have the speed on the straight.  Handling will give you the edge.


Top Choices for Honda Track Bikes For sale:


Honda CBR 600 RR  (2004 -2005)  Look to spend under £2500

Honda CBR 1000 RR (2004 -2005) Look to Spend under £2008


If you have a smaller budget don’t forget to look at something like an VTR 1000 (look for fork swap) or the slightly better SP1 or and SP2 they should be available for under £2000 and will surprise many people.


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Race Classes: Superstock 600


supersport 600You’ll find that one of the most hotly contested classes at every level of racing is the Supersport 600 class.  The class is for homologated 600cc four stroke bikes. The bikes are closely based on widely available models that can be bought in your local dealers.  A small amount of engine tuning is allowed but in general the bikes are as close to road models as possible with the majority of changes being made for safety reasons.

This even extends to the tyres which need to be Road legal, although many manufactures now make a race tyre that is technically road legal. Some organisations will allow you to run wet tyres in the event of wet races.

All Major manufacturers will have a suitable bike available with the most popular being the [nmslink:GSXR600,GSXR 600] and the [nmslink:R6,R6] .One anomaly in the class is that The Triumph 675 is eligible to race as it is a triple.

One of the great things about this class is that any 600cc bike can be competitive in the right hands with a minimum amount of cash being spent.

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