Thundersport GB

I have just read the announcement of the creation of Thundersport GB ( I am in two minds as to the Value of it. Firstly the involvement of Dave Stewart in any form of UK motorcycle sport is a good thing. Dave is the most honest and straight forward guy I’ve met. Not like some of the self serving pricks who seem to dominate motorcycle sport in the UK.

On the other hand we have the MRO series and having spent several seasons at MRO It certainly helps to raise the standard of riding. The question remains Do we need another series?

One other thing that does bother me slightly is the involvement of Motors TV. It’s great to have a televised series BUT how many people are going to watch it on Motors TV especially if the stick to their habit of airing programs at seemingly random times. TV coverage Good..Obscure TV coverage bad.  If i was approaching sponsors for funding telling them that the series was on Motors TV wouldn’t not have much of a pull.  On the other hand The series has to start somewhere.

I really do look forward to what dave has come up with and I hope it does live upto expectations. But i hope it’s not to the detriment of any other series or clubs.


Ducati and BSB Come To Their Senses

At last The management of British superbikes and Ducati Have come to their senses and reached an agreement that will allow Airwaves Ducati to compete in next seasons Series. Hot on the heels of that great bit of news comes the news that Airwaves Ducati will be running Shane "Shakey" Byrne and Leon Camier as their riders. I suspect the budget for crah damage will need to be increased significantly. Whatever happend it’s going to be exciting.

HM Plant Honda have also confirmed the signing of Cal Crutchlow as team mate to Leon Haslam once again this should lead to some exceitement. Crutchlows move to Honda has made a space available at Rizla suzuki that will be filled by Tom Sykes, I can’t help thinking that this is a bad move by Tom, i hope i am proved wrong.

Tom’s team mate will be japanese Superbike Champion Atsushi Watanabe, poor guy I can just hear jack Burnicle calling him Sushi Wannabe. (of course James Crackhead will just stick with calling him Leon) Things are shaping up nicely now and with the Honda Satellite ("b") Teams,Yamaha and Kawasaki still to finish naming their squads there could still be a few suprises.

An insider at Red Bull has revealed that following the sucess of the Red Bull Rookies Red Bull are considering starting a Red Bull "Has Beens" team. Look for Emmet and Rutter to be signed although they can expect competition from several sources.